What We Do

Our Aim

Our aim is to consistently deliver services with care and compassion to strengthen children and their families through a positive working relationship.

Our Standard

Our standard is to have mechanisms in place that will ensure consistency in our practice and achieve good outcomes for children and their families.

NCC’s priorities are:

  • To ensure that children’s views and ideas for a clean, safe and healthy environment, a good quality of life and education and the tackling of substance abuse are heard.
  • To give children the opportunity and a platform for sharing their feelings and thoughts on safeguarding and child protection as well as develop a better understanding of how and where to seek help and support.
  • To ensure the rights of the child, as laid down in the UN Conventions of the Rights of the Child, are taken into account in political debates and decision making and taking.

NCC applies the 6 P’s to deliver its focus of work:

  • Participation of children in decision making and taking
  • Prevention of all forms of child abuse
  • Protection of children through training, advocacy and relevant therapy
  • Promotion of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • Provision of a safe and caring home environment for abandoned, neglected and abused children
  • Psychological and Counselling therapeutic interventions and rehabilitation