Viv nou kreolite!

For a culture to survive, it must be passed on to the next generations. For children of the President’s Village, the staff of the residential care home are therefore obliged to share their knowledge in traditional games, culinary art and others.

The month of October, where we celebrate the Creole culture, is ideal to pass on this knowledge. As part of activities for the month, the staff are building traditional houses on the premises, which will be equipped with traditional upholstery.

The staff also facilitated a workshop on traditional games and accessories. ‘I fabricated a doll of cloth, using local and recycled materials, says one resident. Another activity that was held during the month was a culinary workshop where traditional recipes were shared with the thirty-eight residents.

The children were able to cook their own food, including ‘ladob’, grilled fish and chutneys. A grand finale of activities to commemorate Festival Kreol will be held on the 5th of November in collaboration with other entities within the Ministry of Family Affairs.