Three great things NCC did in 2021

  • Improve the facilities at the President’s Village

In 2021, the National Council for Children (NCC) successfully secured 1.8 million rupees from five generous donors for the renovation of two of the four houses that accommodate the male residents of the village.

The estimated cost for the renovation of one house is around 1.4 million. However, in spite of financial constraints the project, spearheaded by Daniel Lesperance from SID Construction, received great interest from prospective sponsors such as the Indian High Commission, Hunt Deltele and others. The successful application for a grant from the Children’s Fund has contributed towards the furnishing of one of the houses that is near completion. ‘One of our 2022 pledges is to continue to prioritise this project, in order to keep our promise to all the children in our care for a safe and healthy living environment’ says Yasmin Umarji, the Chief Executive Officer of NCC.

Alongside infrastructural improvements of other facilities such as the Dining Room and the Admin Block, NCC successfully recruited two Programme Officers to lead and provide a balanced leisure and educational programme that captures the interests of the children as well as meet their needs and better prepare them for possible reintegration into their families and in the wider community. The recruitment of additional Child Support Officers and a Provisional Psychologist enabled the village to provide supervision and support to the children who had to spend more time at the village during the school term due to the changes that had to be implemented to the school timetable because of Covid 19.  NCC is looking at providing more incentives for the staff of President’s village who are pivotal towards helping the children come to terms with their situation whilst preparing them for a better future.

  • Give more children a voice and celebrate children’s talents and achievements

NCC contributed towards the making of history on 19th November 2021 by giving sixteen children from all the public and private secondary schools the opportunity to engage with the President of the Republic of Seychelles, Mr Wavel Ramkalawan in a live dialogue at State House. Various media outlets aired the event live as part of activities to commemorate the Universal Children’s Day celebrated on 20th November. Amongst the children who participated in the event was Tanny Samedi, a visually impaired student studying at Plaisance Secondary School. Cyril Dina became the first child to anchor the news in Seychelles by presenting the evening news on Telesesel on Friday 19th November. The global day, celebrated under the theme ‘Children’s voices matter’ also resonated with children’s voices on radio waves of Paradise FM and Radyo Sesel on Saturday 20th November whereby a group of children acted as radio presenters from morning to late afternoon.

Children have always got many more things to say and were thus given the opportunity to express themselves through the recording of Series 3 and 4 of the popular TV series Konekte.Zenn on SBC. This pre-recorded programme provided a platform for open discussions between children and various authorities on lagging issues such as child protection, financial, educational, social and health issues.

As part of the introduction and celebration of Festival Zanfan in June 2021 and amid health restrictions, children from different denominations wrote and publicised positive prayers and thoughts for their peers and the public using the radio as a means of sharing their spiritual messages. Many children took advantage of the confinement period and responded positively to a photo competition launched to capture all their newly acquired talents such as gardening and sewing. Overwhelming entries were also received for the literary competition ‘Mwan osi mon’n viv kovid 19’, collaborative activity with Lenstiti Kreol Sesel, which was collated into a book published in October.

Throughout the year, children’s performances, including a Musical Medley, initiated by Mrs Lucy Barois, the Headteacher of the Children’s House and performed by seven schools, entertained visitors at NCC’s facility and at STC Hypermarket at Bois de Rose Avenue. Visitors to Seychelles were able to admire and appreciate children’s talents through a one-month art exhibition, entitled ‘Re-emergence’ which depicted children’s hope for the future, on display at the National History Museum in Victoria and captured in a catalogue.

  • Support children, their families and their schools throughout the country

There is not a school in Seychelles, be it private or public, which have not engaged in one way or another with NCC in 2021. In some schools such as Independent, Glacis, Port Glaud and the Children’s House, the Council provided different training programmes conducted in respective classes thus impacting directly on the students. Such programmes targeted issues such as safeguarding, abuse, bullying and child protection. Parents, on the other hand, had the option to attend free parenting sessions at the headquarters of NCC at Bel Eau or at specific venues upon request by their schools or workplaces. This service was tapped into by some of the private, parastatal and government entities such as the Division of Risk and Disaster Management (DRDM), SITE and NIHSS.

NCC continued to offer one-to-one services to children and their families in need of therapeutic support or intervention. This well-established service remained active throughout 2021 and extended its provision by deploying NCC’s Psychologist to La Digue once a week from October 2021. The target set to reduce the waiting list of children who needed counselling was successfully met in 2021 even though parents from all over the country tapped into this professional and effective service. In addition to the long list of services available, NCC further supported parents with a weekly page in Seychelles Nation that provided basic guidelines and tips.

If you are a child, a struggling parent, carer or grandparent, educator or simply a concerned individual, please make use of our services in the coming year by contacting NCC on:

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