NCC to help Empower Girls in Institutions.

With an ever-growing society, we definitely need girls to know where it is they stand, we definitely need girls to know that they can accomplish whatever it is they set their minds to; we need girls to be strong and assertive in decision makings.
Amongst one of the most vulnerable groups of girls in our society at the moment could be girls who are residing in institutions and that may be for various reasons.
Grow, Learn and Overcome (GLO) is a newly initiated project by NCC with the aim of helping to empower teenage girls who are residing in institutions – The President’s Village and Foyer de la Solitude – by equipping them with the right skills, the proper knowledge of what is going on in the world and of course, to help boost up their self-assurance.
A pilot project was started in late 2019 with a group of girls from the President’s Village where they learned basic computer literacy skills which is deemed necessary as we advance into a more technological era.
This project is being facilitated by an independent consultant, Hajira Amla from Nectar Communications. GLO is expected to be a year-long project and Mrs Amla is working in collaboration with NCC to realise this project to its full extent and ensure its success.
The programme will run every Saturday during the three academic school terms and will focus on different aspects such as developing values, learning communications and leadership skills, learning of their rights during the first term under the theme ‘My Life, My Responsibility’.
During the second term, focus will be on learning basic computer skills, preparing for job interviews, managing money and inspiring entrepreneurship under the theme ‘Succeeding in the Workplace’.
Last but not least during the third term, focus will be on developing the learners’ creativity and individuality by exposing them to creative mediums such as arts and crafts, dancing to name a few. The learners will also be able to learn of how to better care for their physical selves through healthy living under the theme ‘Discovering Creativity’.
These are efforts and activities aimed at changing these young girls’ current mentality from ‘I cannot do it’ to ‘I can do it’ but also help them gain more confidence to later allow them to participate on an equal platform as their male counterparts.
NCC believes the voice of young women must be heard if they are ever going to contribute fully to the world. Girls must be taught to express themselves articulately to build their charisma so that they can ensure a more active role in their society.