Hope choir shines in first appearance at the annual music festival

In their blue uniforms, the choir, which has been performing in various churches and events, sang an array of musical pieces much to the delight of the attendees.

“I think they did fairly well given the amount of time they’ve had to practise the songs,” says Julien Alexis after the one hour show.

Using his vast experience as a member of the Seychelles National choir, Alexis had volunteered to help the group prepare for the event.

“The choir already has the motivation and the desire to sing; all they required is the assistance of someone who can direct them and improve on their performances as a group,” adds Alexis.

The annual activity at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, in Victoria, brings together choirs and music enthusiasts of various churches and denominations to showcase their musical talents.

The Hope choir, which is made up of residents of the President’s Village and staff of the National Council for Children (NCC) was amongst the youngest participants alongside the Seychelles National choir and the host’s choir and a special performance of the re-known local gospel singer, Mr. Jean Ally.

This was a first exposé for the group on the national level, although they are actively animated church services in various parishes of the Catholic diocese, such as St Thérèse in Plaisance.

Following the activity, the head of the choir, Ms. Marlene Labiche says that this will be an added bonus for the children and staff.

“We have learnt new skills such as vocal exercises that will surely help us to improve as a group,” says Ms. Labiche.

Hope choir was formed as part of many educational activities of the President’s Village to keep its small residents engage in community work, whilst doing something they love; music.